2017 a year of change and business opportunities

2017 was a year of change for me and for Imp Ideas, the year can best be summed up as finding new opportunities.

Back in summer 2016 I sold the Eroticon conference to new organisers and in spring 2017 I attended the conference for the first time not as an organiser but as a delegate. It was fantastic to see how the new organisers had taken on and developed the event and I know it will continue to grow and develop. I’m extremely proud of what I achieved with the conference and moving on was the right thing for both the business and me, but I also left behind a very strong business identity and so this year I tasked myself with re-finding myself and re-focusing my business. 

At the start of  2017 I was still working three days a week for a local charity and spending the other two days working on growing Imp Ideas as a marketing company. Progress was slow because there’s a limit on how much one person can do in two days a week, but I thought I had it all worked out. Life had other plans as just a couple of months into the year I was made redundant, the dramatic and swift change in my circumstances gave me the opportunity to go full time in the business.

I took the decision to go full time in the business rather than look for another job, and asked my super talented friend Louisa to come and work part time with me. Louisa is not only a talented visual artist she’s also an experienced social media manager and trained teacher, With Lou on board the business is able to offer so much more to our clients than I could do alone.

Since the spring we’ve worked with a wide range of clients on all kinds of projects from social media branding and management to setting up e-commerce sites and Airbnb listings. We’ve run free and paid social media training workshops as well as attended training and networking events ourselves.

There’s been the stress of our first non-paying client and the joy of promptly paying clients. And we’ve worked days on ideas and then had to bin them as well as ones that have sprung into life with little effort.

The last nine months have been fun and stressful and the biggest lesson for me has been that once commit and start taking your business seriously, then everyone else does too.

I’ve got lots of plans for 2018 but for now I’d like to say a huge thank you to all our clients for believing in us as much as we believe in you and of course, thank you to Louisa for being such a great friend and colleague.

I’d even like to say thank you to our non-paying client for the lessons we learnt from that experience.

Thank you and Merry Christmas