Three words for 2019 – my business theme for the year

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Have you heard about using a business theme in your business for productivity?

At the end of last year, I read an article by Rin Hamburgh, who’d I met earlier in the year, about how she chooses words to be her business theme for the year. The links in the article led me to the Mike Vardy website, with his podcast on the subject and on to the Chris Brogan the originator of the idea.

You can follow the links and get lost down the rabbit hole of the internet, but the idea is pretty simple – choose three words to be the guiding principles of your year, and whatever you do has to speak to these principles.

The concept resonated with me because I felt that once I’d chosen them, no matter what I could come back to these words and test any decision against them. Whenever presented with an opportunity or piece of work I can easily ask myself;

Does this align with my 3 words and so bring me closer to my goals this year?

The three words to theme 2019 by are: Core, Clarity, Community

I deliberately choose words that would not only be my business theme and speak to my business goals, but also to my personal goals.


  • Core is to remind me to stick to my values.
  • When working with on projects and looking at new opportunities I can ask myself – does this align with my values and what I’m good at?
  • It is also to remind me to keep my goals in mind and check back on them regularly, making sure not to get distracted with shiny ideas and projects which don’t move my business towards those goals.


  • Clarity is to remind me to think clearly around my business decisions.
  • Clarity works to remind me to stick to my 3 words and anchor my decision making in this simplicity.


  • Community is to remind me that in building a business I’m building a community; one that serves me as much as I serve it.
  • Building community around myself and my business is a core goal for 2019, so every project or time commitment I take on, outside of my client work, has to build community in some way.

The benefits of having a business theme

The big benefits I hope to see in choosing and using my three words for 2019 are twofold;

  1. Improve my focus, both in terms of hour by hour attention span and the larger direction of the business.
  2. Increase my productivity and profitability. In staying focused yet flexible then I’m hoping that my productivity will increase and increased productivity begets increased profitability.

I’m excited by my choice of words for 2019 and exploring how having a business theme will work for me. I’m looking forward to how they’ll help to shape my year in terms of decision making and productivity; as well as the opportunities that they might bring.

Over to you – if you had to pick a theme for your business for the year, or three words to inspire your year, what would you choose?

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