Outsourced marketing support for your business

Would you like someone to take over the day to day management of your marketing?​

Outsourcing marketing services is an affordable way to delegate marketing and digital marketing to experts without the cost of hiring new staff, giving you more time to concentrate on the creative work that you love in your business.

At Imp Ideas I work with a range of experts to ensure that your goals are met and we produce the highest quality work.

Whether you want a planning day to prepare for next year’s growth plans or want to hand-over the copywriting and content creation of your website, I can help.

How can Imp Ideas help you to grow your business?

Consultancy and coaching

Do you know where you’re going?

A marketing consultancy can uncover the growth opportunities you’d not thought of and deliver a strategic overview of how to get to your goal.

If you’re already happy with your marketing mix, but want the confidence that having a mentor and sounding board can give you, I can meet with you monthly or on an ad-hoc basis to coach you, keep you on track and accountable.

Strategy and planning

Do you know how you’re going to reach your growth goals?

Strategic marketing planning will bring together all the opportunities available for you to get the word out to your customer that you are amazing and they should buy your product or service.

I’ll work with you to create an achievable action plan and help you execute it.


Research and customer insight

Do you REALLY know what your customers think of your business and what they want from you?

Customer research and insight is invaluable in delivering services and products that your customers want to buy.

I can deliver an in-depth customer data analysis, web analytics and qualitative research and product testing via interviews focus groups and customer feedback.


Copywriting services

How do you talk about your business?

Some people just don’t like writing, that’s fine, I can do it for you. Other people love words but come at their copy from inside their business, rather than thinking from their customers point of view.

Getting the right words to describe your business, what it does and what it sells can inspire your clients and customers to take action and buy from you.

Project and campaign management

How big is your to-do list?

Would your day be more productive if there was less stuff to do on your to-do list?

Hand over the day to day management of a project or campaign and free yourself up to concentrate on the actions that will make most difference in your business; whether that’s making new products or heading out to new-client meetings.

Direct mail and print management

But I thought direct mail was dead?

Don’t believe all you read on the internet. Direct mail and print are very much alive and you’ll find that the doormat of your customers is a far less crowded place than Google.

I began in marketing managing direct marketing campaigns, from print buying, design management to data selection; skills that digital marketing focused companies just don’t have experience of.

How I work with clients

The first step in any marketing project is to start with where you are. We work with you to understand your business and goals along with an audit of where you are now.
We’ll pull together a strategic plan for the work, once you’ve agreed to this plan it becomes our pathway to success that we work through methodically.
As we go we keep an eye on the statistics and analytics that tell us if our activities are working or if we need to revise the plan.

Is using and outsourced marketing services right for me and my business?

Businesses outsource marketing for a variety of reasons, our clients tend to be one of the following;

  • Brilliant at the core work of their business, but lacking in marketing knowledge and expertise.
  • They may have reached a plateau or roadblock in their business and are looking for ways to re-vitalise their marketing to increase sales.
  • Are ready to grow – either by scaling production or launching a new product or services.

How can we get started working together?

I’m glad you asked, you can either book a call with me directly or send me a message outlining what you would like help with.

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