Make setting up your Shopify store easy and fast with the Shopify Preparation Workbook

It’s easy to sign-up to Shopify and then get stuck.

All you want to do is build your online store, but you are suddenly having to to make decisions about your business and find all kinds of information.

No wonder so many people sign-up for the free trial and then get stuck!

I can help – I’ve written a workbook to make sure you don’t get stuck in the Two-Week-Trial-Trap.

The workbook is split into easy to follow sections that help you gather together everything you need to make setting you your online store quick and easy, before you even open Shopify.

Which means you’ll never get stuck in the Two-Week-Trial-Trap.

The Shopify Preparation Workbook makes building your Shopify store as easy as filling in a worksheet!

Pop in your details and I’ll send you the workbook…

Special bonus - I've gifted you the "Finding your way around" lesson from Shopify Made Simple Workshop