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It's time to tell your story!

Business storytelling for coaches and creative business owners

Do you ever feel lost for words when you have to talk or write about your business and the work you do?

Finding the stories in your business is the first step to feeling confident talking and writing about your business so you can start having conversations that create clients.

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What would you like help with?

Finding your voice

Never be lost for words when someone askes you, “so, what do you do?”

The 3 Sentence Business Story Workshop will take you through the steps to create your powerful business introduction.

A self paced online workshop you’ll walk away with a business introduction that you’ll be excited to share.

Finding the stories in your business & knowing how to Use them

Work with me either 1-2-1 or in the small group cohorts to find the stories in your business and learn how to use them to connect with  new clients, build loyalty, increase sales  and create opportunities for growth.


how to write product descriptions and sales page copy

Ongoing support to find the stories in your business and get things done

Working for yourself can feel lonely and motivation often disappears when you sit down to work.

My Get It Done Programme is a 1-2-1 mentorship for coaches and small creative business owners who need motivation and accountability.

We meet weekly to track progress on your project, explore ideas, solve problems and celebrate wins.

Stories connect us to each other and inspire action

Storytelling is as old as humanity, and over time it has been dressed up in a new outfit and called marketing, advertising, social media.

All of which are important tools for your business, but none of them work without a story.

With the right stories you…

  • will never be lost for words when someone asks you, “what do you do?”
  • can stop holding yourself back from putting yourself forward as a podcast or blog guest
  • can be confident that your clients understand what you do and the difference you can make to their lives
  • can stand out from the competition even in the most crowded market


You and your business need a story, I’d love to help you find it and tell it.

Hi, I'm Ruth

I help people find and tell the stories that sell their work to people who need it

I’ve worked in marketing, sales and ecommerce for over 25 years, yes, I do feel old writing that!

My experience ranges from fundraising for international NGOs to writing erotica to working as a funeral and wedding celebrant, with a whole lot of adventures in between.

Throughout all these adventures story has been at the core of my work.

Now I’m bringing all my experience to help you see the stories that already exist in your  business and work out how to share them in a way that inspires people to work with you.

Kind words from happy clients...
Getting help & support from Ruth is a no brainer. Within just a few minutes she can cut right to the root of the problem and get the clarity needed to find the right solutions.
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