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Company Overview​

Imp Ideas was founded in 2012 by Ruth Douglas as the parent company to run the Eroticon conference.

Eroticon, the conference for sex writers and erotic creatives was launched in 2012 by Ruth, under her erotica writing pen name Ruby Kiddell. Between 2012 and 2016 she coordinated six Eroticon conferences, including Eroticon USA.

Ruth sold Eroticon in 2016 to concentrate more fully on growing Imp Ideas and serving more clients.

Imp Ideas is based in East Devon and works with independent businesses and adult industry clients to help them grow their customer base, launch new products and increase sales.

Imp Ideas in the press and around the web

Erotic Trade Only – December 2018

A piece introducing the revamp of the Doxy branding and the re-lauch of the e-commerce website

advice on guilt free motherhood from Ruth Douglas on the Marina Pearson podcast


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Discussing guilt free motherhood with Marina Pearson

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Namecheap Blog – July 2018

Talking to Namecheap about how to find your ideal customers

doxy appoints imp ideas marketing agency

Erotic Trade Only – May 2018

Press release for about running Doxy’s online erotica initiative

Erotic Trade Only – January 2018

Press release on the appointment of Imp Ideas to as the outsourced marketing agency for sex toy manufacturer, Doxy

instagram walk exmouth

Exmouth Journal – October 2017

Review of the first Instagram walk for businesses in Exmouth, East Devon

Metro – March 2017

A review of Eroticon, the conference for sex writers in Metro

Metro – May 2017

Talking to Violet Fenn in the Metro about dealing with impostor syndrome.

Erotic Trade Only – July 2016

Press release on the announcement of the sale of the Eroticon conference

PRWeb.com – October 2012

Press release for Burning Book Press in PR Web

The Guardian – March 2012

Review of Eroticon 2012 conference in the Guardian

Something Dark – March 2012

Review of Eroticon 2012 conference in Something Dark Magazine 

Something Dark – February 2012

Press release for the Eroticon 2012 conference in Something Dark Magazine

Erotic Review – January 2012

Press release for the Eroticon conference in the Erotic Review