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self directed, one to one, or in a group, help is a hand

Your business doesn’t just have one story, to be told in one way. 

Working with me is a fun, thought provoking and creative process.

I work with you so that you have the skills, stories and confidence to go out and sell your business in a way that feels like you and not at all ick.

The 3 Sentence Business Story

This workshop is for you if you get lost for words trying to explain what you do. 

It gets you thinking about who you are, how you show up in the world and what it’s like for your people to work with you.

It’s delivered online and can me completed in an afternoon. At the end of it it you’ll have a powerful business introduction that means you’ll look forward to explaining what you do and how you help people.

It’s the first step to creating powerful business stories to connect you with your perfect people.

  • Stage – finding your voice
  • Delivered – online, self paced workshop
  • Time commitment – an afternoon
  • Investment – £57
  • When – next live workshop in January

Story accelerator

Work with me 1-2-1 or in a small cohort to dig deep into your business and discover the stories hidden inside.

We work through five stages from auditing where you are now, to creating your library of  business stories and looking at when, where and how to use them.

Perfect if you’re ready to expand your marketing and increase your visibility.


  • Stage – finding your voice, developing your stories
  • Delivered – online face to face or in person face to face
  • Time commitment – 2 x VIP days or 8 weekly sessions
  • Investment – from £1,250 
  • When – ongoing 


The Story Accelerator is perfect for you if you want to make progress on creating a library of stories for your business so you can focus on creating visibility and 

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Get it done programme

The Get It Done Group is my accountability and mentorship programme.

Join the group or work with me one to one.

This is for you if you’re tired of noodling round in circles and want help focusing on the next most important thing, or if you’ve got a specific project you want to get off the ground.

Our kick off meeting sets up your goals and project plan and we meet weekly to review progress, solve problems, explore tangents and celebrate wins.

You also get access to my quarterly strategic planning retreats.

I keep you accountable and bring 25+ years of marketing, sales and digital business experience to your business.

  • Stage – developing your stories, growing your business
  • Delivered – online face to face
  • Time commitment – 12 weeks
  • Investment – £100 per month for the group, £500 1-2-1
  • When – quarterly

The Get it Done Group is perfect for you if you want to make progress and not feel so alone in your business.

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