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Hi lovely, I’m Ruth Douglas. 

Based in Exmouth, near Exeter in East Devon I work with business people to help them see their story as unique, important and worth sharing.

I’ve been telling stories since I was little and in one way or another they thread through my work life.

At university trained as a contemporary dancer and told stories with movement.

In my twenties and thirties I had a career in fundraising for national and international charities and told stories that inspired people to donate their money to help other people in need.

I got married and moved to Gran Canaria where I owned a scuba diving company and worked as a dive instructor. Telling the story of the underwater world through dive briefings. If you’ve never seen a stingray, octopus or cuttlefish up close, really you’re missing out. Amazing.

When I came back to the UK with my one year old daughter, I was telling stories with my craft and sewing business. I made memory keepsakes from babies’ clothes and the treasured clothes from loved ones that were no longer with my customers.

I told sexy stories in my erotica writing and helped other people tell their stories with the conference, Eroticon, that I founded for sex bloggers and erotica writers.

My freelance marketing work focused on telling the stories of other people’s products and stories, from sex toys to jewellery to cosmetics. My ecommerce clients learnt how to tell stories that flowed from their front page to checkout, stories that inspired people to add to cart and complete checkout.

And now, well, now I’m an Independent Celebrant. I tell the love of creative couples that want a one of a kind wedding ceremony, and the life stories of unique individuals that have died and whose family want to remember their life rather than their death.

The stories I have told or helped other people tell, have raised millions of pounds, changed lives, sold products, created moments of joy and laughter, and allowed people to grieve.

Stories are powerful and every life has a story – I’d love to help you tell yours