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Hi, I’m Ruth Douglas. 

Based in Exmouth, near Exeter in East Devon I work with growing businesses to create marketing that tells your story, reaches more people and makes more sales.

I’ve been where you are; I’ve set up, built and sold a business. I’ve pulled all-nighters and put my business before myself (and sometimes my family). Now I’m using everything I’ve learned to help growing businesses go from good to great.

I bring a fresh perspective and an honest, no-nonsense approach to your marketing and business problems.

After a career in fundraising and three years running a dive centre in Gran Canaria I returned to the UK in 2009.

In the time since I moved back to the UK I’ve had a few false starts; craft and sewing businesses that didn’t really take off, a return to fundraising which ended in redundancy and more than a few days when I’ve questioned myself.

In 2012 I created and launched Eroticon, a conference for sex bloggers. I built it up purely on social media and after five years of adventures and six conferences sold it on to a new home.

Eroticon led me to work in the adult industry, a fun-filled and often weird industry which
has broadened my outlook on the world and gifted me some of my best friends.

I now work from my home office supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready to grow.

I work with clients in the adult industry, health and wellbeing, tourism, e-commerce and consultancy. I provide outsourced marketing, e-commerce, social media services, consultancy and training.

If you are at the end of your time and abilities with marketing and just want to hand it over and get on with doing the work in your business that you enjoy – I can help.

Book a call to talk through where you are, where you’d like to be and how I can help.

A potted history of Ruth and Imp Ideas

2016 - today
Imp Ideas
Building up Imp Ideas

In the years since I started Eroticon I gradually moved towards building up Imp Ideas as a marketing agency that helps businesses and entrepreneurs grow.

Saying goodbye to Ruby
Sold Eroticon

In 2016 I sold Eroticon to a new team who would continue to grow and develop it.

I hung up my erotica writing and retired Ruby Kiddell for good. 

Atlanta USA
Eroticon USA

I took Eroticon to the USA for the one an only American incarnation


In 2012 I opened the doors on the first Eroticon conference. 

Conceived from the need for erotica and sex writers to have a space and event that welcomed them and gave them a chance to meet, learn and grow their writing and careers.

Careers were forged, alliances made and lives changed at Eroticon.

It remains the piece of work I am most proud of

2009 - 2012
Working out who I want to be
Becoming Ruby

I began working for myself and had a few false starts - craft businesses that never quite took off and eventually I fell into writing erotica as Ruby Kiddell,  built an audience, got a publisher and eventually came up with the idea for Eroticon.

2008 - 2009
UK by way of France
The long way home

A  year of wandering - from Gran Canaria to England by way of France. 

We lost our dive centre to the global financial crisis and closed the doors on it the day before my daughter was born. We lost pretty much everything and went to live with my in-laws in the French Alps.

Unfortunately, the extreme stress of the situation took its toll on my marriage and I returned to the UK a single parent to start all over again, all over again.

Gran Canaria by way of Malta and France
Scuba diving adventures

I retrained as a scuba diving instructor, married my French fella and moved to live on an island off the African coast.

It was stressful, sunny and I was privileged to see some of the most awe-inspiring and beautiful sights in my life.

Here I learnt all about sales and teaching, as well as how bad Brits are at using sunscreen.

1999 - 2005
London Baby!
The career years

From 1999 to 2005 I worked in individuals fundraising for a range of national charities in London.

Here I learnt about print management, branding, copywriting and how images and words work together to tell compelling stories that get people to give you money.

I also learnt all about data and ended my not-for-profit career managing the marketing database and communications plan for a national charity. Making sure that the right messages went to the right people at the right time, all through the magic of data!

1995 - 1999
Falling into fundraising

After several years of trying to be a dancer, I got tired of all the waitressing and fell into the world of charity fundraising in 1998.

Greatest regret from this period -  not writing my dissertation for my Masters so never graduating and ignoring my bank manager when in 1999 he said “you can still get a 100% mortgage on your graduate account” 

1992 - 1995
The Student years
The student years

Three years spent at the magical Bretton Hall graduating with a first-class honours degree in contemporary dance.


Teenage years spent in Devon, dreaming of escape, looking moody, fashion influences heavy on the charity shops and black eyeliner

The early years
The early years

Ballet classes, gym club, guinea pigs and some iconic 70s and 80s fashion choices