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facebook shops for small and micro businesses

Facebook Shops and small businesses

Last week Facebook announced Facebook Shops – their B2C e-commerce offering. This is Facebook doing what Facebook does best, developing new offerings to build a comprehensive eco-system that none of us will live without. And, with their ownership of Instagram and WhatsApp then social selling is going to become even more embedded into our lives.

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online shop ecommerce conversion rate calculator

How to calculate your e-commerce conversion rate

Do you know what your online shop conversion rate is? Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for your online shop – but do you know what it is, how to calculate it and how it can affect your sales income? Conversion rate is the number of people that buy from your site

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networking business advice

Make ’em laugh – 7 tips for better networking

Can you learn how to network better with comedy? Business networking is one of those activities that some people seem to love and others would do anything to avoid, and yet we’re told if we’re to build our business then we need to network. But how can you make networking less like pulling teeth and

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